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All autographs are sold as 100% authentic articles with our uncompromising Lifetime Money-back Guarantee.

Autograph items sold by Signature Memorabilia come from a number of carefully selected sources:

  • Obtained "in-person" hand-signed and witnessed by a Signature Memorabilia employee or appointed agent
  • Purchased through approved UACC, and/or PADA, and/or AFTAL accredited Autograph Dealers internationally
  • Purchased from the most respected and internationally recognised auction houses
  • Sourced directly from the estates of deceased celebrities, either sold at auction or through private collectors

Signature Memorabilia's Code Of Ethics:

We value our reputation and strive to exceed customer and supplier expectations in all our business dealings.
Signature Memorabilia employs the most stringent and exacting standards of research and analysis to verify the provenance of all items sold.
For every autograph sold we provide a money-back guarantee of authenticity to the original purchaser, without time limit.
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Signature Memorabilia values its reputation, and strives to exceed customer and supplier expectations in all its business dealings.

Signature Memorabilia is determined to become a leading provider of investment grade autographs and memorabilia.

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